Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Chilling at home.

Hi guys! I'm currently at home. I feel a bit sick, but nothing serious. I'm such a lazy ass I should at least read books for my maturita exam or work up maturita question for russian, gahh. (@ ̄ρ ̄@)zzzz
Doesn't mind.
I'm watching serials. TBBT and Dr.House... oh! and yeasterday I saw new episode of Walking Dead and Dexter! My gooood, it's so exciting! I can't wait for another episodes ( ・д・)/

poor Daryl

I was talking today with my friend about how stupid is the system of european tour of japanese bands. Seriously, Wroclaw? Come on. I don't have any problem to go to Poland but Wroclaw? There is no way how to get there! I was there once, but it was concert of D and we went by car. But by train it's impossible. And i'm not talking about non-famous jrock bands. Why they wonder that only a few people actually go to these concerts. I'm not saying "I want all concerts in Prague!" but... Viena would be okay too! It's not that far and it's easy to get there. And many concerts are in Germany... why? I mean... three concerts are quite a lot and none of them is not even in Budapest. I'm not gonna pay for train three times more than for ticket. No. Unfortunately... concerts in Germany are amazing and definitely worth it. I was there twice but I had no choice. München 4ever~
Fuck the system. Ignore me. And I'm sorry, my German friends, if I insulted you, I didn't mean it x3


Also, I was thinking about trip to London. I wanted to go there for Iron Man 3 premiere, but it's in april/may (/TДT)/ I have maturita exam, WHYYYY?! Ok, there is still another premiere. Thor 2!!!

In November, that's really good month. Muhehehe, and I want to give myself one more trip to London if I will pass my exams. I could be in July...August, dunno. I want to visit more places than last time. Like Madame Tussauds museum. Sherlock Holmes museum/221b Baker street, London Dungeons are others!

I wanted to write something more but I guess it's more than enough for today XD I think it's my longest article :'D

see ya~


  1. Opravdu dlouhý článek na tebe xD

    S těmi koncerty ti rozumím...

    Nic proti jiným, ale mohli by to dělat blíž a ne kdesi, kde se nedá málem ani dojet.

    Přeji hodně štěstí, ať se do Londýna teda dostaneš :D

    (neví co více psát)

    1. psala bych je častěji, ale kdo by to četl XD jsem ráda, že vůbec někdo kouká na ty fotky XD
      a děkuju :)

  2. wow it was 2012, 2012 I already knew what my life is gonna be all about... chasing after Tom Hiddleston :D