Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Shopping update nr.5

i'm in very bad mood lately so i dunno if you can expect some articles... but here is a small schopping update~

very beautiful bracelet with ring (which was broken when it arrived ;_; but my dad will fix it)
it was packed in stunning box *-*

and the backside ♥
i'm not used to wear high heels so it's very difficult to walk with them on T.T
it's really comfy and beautiful, just like in the picture *-*
if i won't get use to it I will just sell them >,<

I also changed design, i guess you noticed ^^

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Last hollydays' meeting

ahh, finally i'm going to write a bit about meeting in Ostrava, last weekend of summer hollidays T.T
In one word... AWESOME! I'm really happy I went there ^^ I met so many nice people (fans! XDDDD) I'm really looking forward to see them again ^^
I went there because Takeshi forced me to go XD
in at the beginning of the meeting me and Takeshi were separated a bit (we had to talk about Kuina, Nagito etc stuff XD) we went to McDonallds, ate some food *.* took crazy photos :D
then we went to tea house, we were talking with girls who sat aroud.. Neki, Aru, Silvi x3 I'm glad I met you!
I had to go to train early T.T Takeshi accompanied me to train and aroud 7 p.m. i arrived home ;_;
Hope to see you soon guys"

*lazy to write in english longer article*
photos, here we go!
food *-*

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

nooo school is here -.-"

oh, hello guys! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

fuu, school began and i'm tired and busy all days ((o(-゛-;) and also lazy, stupid school, makes me exhausting! (#`ε´#) well, i'm in last year of secondary school, so this year will be very difficult, exhausting etc.
I hope I will manage my graduation exams well.

well, i'm going to write another articles about my holidays following days...concert, meeting in Ostava ♥

now, i will just show you which dress i would like to wear on my prom (*^o^*)/~
well, it's really expensive but i will try to talk with my mum...

the mint/blue one *-*

and the last thing, Doctor with Donna in one show as a english teacher and student, i just love it!
Cath is brilliant!
Kyo for you~ XD

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Memeshikute dancing~

I almost forgot!!! >,,<
the last day of Advík we danced on Memeshikute by Golden Bomber! it was just a small teaser or advertisement for lesson about GB.
It was really funny, because GB cosplayers and Hikari started to dance (they knew the moves) and then lots of people (including me, lol) joined :D

well, it's a bit embarrassing, but still funny XD