Friday, June 8, 2012

meeting in Brno

Veru is so lazy -.-" gomen~
huh, i looked at my menu and i noticed 3 new readres *-* thank you dears!
so... I think i'm gonna say something about meeting in Brno (yeah, finally XD)
(and then maybe about LM.C, ScReW and my plans~)

  • it was veeery hot that day >,<
  • a big group of us went to Brno by train
  • train had lockout on the track, again -__-
  • so we traveled by bus
  • it was really funny, we laughed allthe time XD
  • we bought delicious Bubble tea ♥
I forgot to paint my nails >,<"

  • me went shopping, eating, etc, just casual day with nice friends ♥
  • I ate sushi again after a month~
photo in front of sex shop (we weren't in there XD

shoes photo~

me gusta, pal XD ♥
my face is like "are u fucking kidding me?" XD

kissing pigeons~

Picture heavy! 
This is SERIOUS bussiness XD

bye for now~ 
hope you enjoyed photos ♥


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  2. FERECOY says hello .
    So does TENTEC.
    But it's OSSLAYN you gotta watch your back about.