Saturday, May 26, 2012


muaah, I'm too lazy to write an article -.-" sorry~
last days I didn't feel very happy and I didn't have good mood at all but it's finally weekend and thank you my pal and Ayame for getting my mood better yesterday

School really makes me angry, aghrghrg I want holidays already >,<"
Yesterday I lost 200czk, ok, it's not much but I don't have any money last days so I need every crown, I really don't know how I'm going to pay for Festival Fantasie T.T it will cost over 4000czk ><"

As maybe some of you know I was at LM.C gig, it was awesome! *-* I'll tell you later about it ;3

I finally recieved D usb memory stick with Dying message on it *-* thx Jajpi :3

and day before LM.C concert I have my hair dyed pink ^^" lol
I thought it will wash out immediately but it didn't oO