Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Movie exhibition in Zlín

It was on 23.april. My friend Monika found out that in Zlín is some movie exhibition and because of holidays in school we went there to see these amazing costumes etc...

on my way in train~
(sunglasses on *feels like celebrity*) XD

le me, looking like an idiot all the time -.-"

but I have photo with lovely R2D2! *-*

with Yoda~ ♥

my friend Monika :3

Darth Maul *-*

I can't live without mobile phone XD

my precious~~

in McDonald XD

Obi-Wan Kenobi!

Darth Vader *-*

                                                    my D, Dying message mech~ *-*


  1. woow! what a wonderful exhibition!Love all star wars themed sculptures,mostly r2d2 and 3po :)Also love Gollum :DDD He is epic character,schizophrenic like me :D

  2. yeah, I loved SW and LOTR stuff the most too XD ♥

  3. jak tam ten spider-man pózuje :D