Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Satsuki 砂月

he is an angel
he is a god
he is a pure beauty
he is a perfection
he is Satsuki ♥

Since I was at his and Kaya's concert in München I fell in love with him. His voise is pure beauty. For the first time when he has come to the stage I felt like I just met an angel. . .
I started to love every song sung by him. Also he is a very nice person, he is very kind to his fans on facebook, he is greatful for our support and he tries his best. I still regret I wasn't at Japan expo in Paris to meet him again, to spend more private time with him (like my friends did), take a photo with him, talk about random stuff, It would really make me happy, to spend a little time with my angel.
I'm happy for him, new album is almost out. It will be beautiful. All those song are wonderful, always make me cry. Also his work with Kisaki project is unbelievable.

The first song, God. . . *tears in her eyes* . . . and fans made for him a video with this song where they sing it. It's wonderful. He was so moved when he has written about it on facebook ♥
He is like an angel, pure beauty. . .  but still, still he is a human with great heart ♥

and video by fans

and here are another beautiful songs ♥

he will be in Paris 9. - 10.2. in Paris manga con (which seems cool tw!). . . is anyone going there? I really want to go there but not alone T___T

FB page of Paris manga
Moon stream event on facebook


  1. awww~ Satsuki *_*... strasne lituju, ze jsem nemohla na jeho a Kayuv koncert ;_;... aspon jednou ho musim videt nazivo..
    Pariz... hmmm, ta Pariz zni lakave..

    1. a to já na ten koncert původně jela kvůli Kayovi.. (ne že by Kaya nebyl úžasný, ale..) když jsem uviděla dokonalého Satsukiho hned jsem se zamilovala *-*
      Paříž mi teď leží v hlavě asi týden ;_;