Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Hobbit midnight premiere

hello dear fellows!
sorry for not updating lately, I was very busy with school x___X but it's finally over... well, not over but at least there is Christmas and xmas hollidays, yay!

according to the title of the article... I want to show you some photos from midnight premiere of The Hobbit where I was with my friend Monča and her parents.

It was wednesday, i went to school and then right to Monča's house. We watched Lord of the Rings and then live stream of The Hobbit premiere in London. Everyone looked amazing *,* Thorin, Kili, Fili, awwww, we wanted to see Elrond (Hugo Weaving) or Thranduil (Lee Pace) but they weren't there T__T I really want to go to London on premiere of the part 2 *____* I hope I will go.

well, enough talking, let's see some photos~

le weird looking me playing the LOTR game~

and my friend~

I won every game, i'm quite good at thinking forwards XD but this time, I was about to win but I couldn't find out how, but my friend did. For the first time she knew something I didn't XD It was memorable moment, she had to take a picture of me. XD

she was very happy about it :D

yay, Legolas! *-*

le me thinking deeply

"soo, let's eat and watch LOTR!"

getting ready~ (btw, it's not my room, but my friend's)
ewww, my hair looks really bad x__X at least i'm going to hairdresser next week...

I was supposed to be a "little nazghúl" but i don't think I looked like one of them XD

we arrived to the cinema... a few people was also in costumes, it was so cool *,*

well, we wanted to take a picture with Elrond's poster but Monča's dad didn't do it properly.. XD

doesn't she look awesome? *,* amazing elf :33

I can't explain how MUCH I LOVED it! It was awesome! all those special effects and characters ♥ Martin (Bilbo) is such a cutie~ ohh myy gooood, and Thranduil *_____* those eyes, hair, everything! he was on the screen just for ten second but he totaly got me♥ and of course lord Elrond ♥ Hugo seems like he doesn't ageing XD and the dwarves... Kili,Filli and Thorin.. I never imagined I would say that but... those dwarves are sexy! *-* :D I can't wait for the second part♥


  1. Dokonale vám to slušelo :D

    A ten film byl boží ^^

  2. aww so cute!!!I adore this movie so much,I'm lotr addicted ^^