Thursday, March 14, 2013

Shopping update nr.9

my god, i'm so exhausted, i was ill last week and i guess i still am -__- school sucks, I have to keep learining for my maturita exam etc. fuu
so i'm sorry for not updating ^^"

well, at least i'll do a shopping update with clothes and stuff I have for a long time but i didn't show you and still something is missing :'D

i got this from my dad to name day :3

well, not exactly shopping update but... I made with my sister couscous with vegetable~

cosmetics update ♥ all the hair sprays were in sale XD

i just borrowed my favourite book of poem by Edgar Allan Poe ♥

I have won 200kč coupon to bookstore in russian conversation competition
so I have bought this detective story by Keigo Higashino~

comicbooks which I bought in tobacconist's, it was really cheap

one of the tshirt which i have bought in Ostrava, in Terranova were lots of sales ♥
amazing shopping day with Takeshi C:

another one

you thought that my obsession with SW is gone? XD

some books, dvd, albums of LOTR bought from "second hand" so, it was really cheap! I had to buy everything XD

well, my messy room and my new bedding ♥ XD



    1. tak díky za milej komentář!!! XD BYLY VE SLEVĚ MORE!!!

    2. jj, ještě že je anonymní..jinak nevím co bych dělala :((