Saturday, March 2, 2013

Kimi ni aitakute

Hello guys!
as you probably know, I was at the concert od Micro Head 4n's in Munich on Tuesday. I'm fucking tired.
Since the Sunday to 14:00 Wednesday I slept only 7 hours.
But it was worth it! I'll tell you later~

anyway. . . I was in the tea-room and one chinese restaurant with my friend and her classmates. Itwas nice to meet some new people C:
I was wearing my new high heels which are fucking awesome! we took some photos but I can't show you everything, she would kill me >< :'D


  1. Your new layout is stunning and I love those shoes. hahaha (^▽^)

    1. thank you Yuku! I fell in love with my new layout but after a while it will start to annoy me XD thx again!

  2. ty boty jsou uzasne *.* a to tricko a vubec celkove ti to hrozne slusi^ω^
    a ten layout je strasne krasny^w^