Thursday, February 21, 2013


We had a winter harajuku meeting in Olomouc 9.2. It was quite a long time since SO many people came. More than 20 I guess.
We went to great all you can eat restaurant, eat sushi, some chinese food etc.
Then we had fun outside, took lots of photos and stuff~

here is my outfit and some photos ^^

NO! I'm not smoking, stop asking XD I did it just for photo :D

with my beloved Durcenwe~

yeah again... they tried to take photo of the smoke :'D

badass photo with Seiriel 

yeah very cute dumb looking me with Johanka ♥

again with D

crazy band

Hranická banda, only Reiko is missing (taking photo)

Johanka and Chris, those two have best photos ever XD I love you guys ♥


  1. oh, it seem you all have fun! ;) things like harajuku/lolita/j-rock meets is always awsome ~!

  2. Sluší ti to! :)
    Jsem si říkala, že bys začala kouřit? :D

    Johanka s Chrisem mají vždycky nejlepší fotky :D

    1. ale vůbec :DD nechápu proč si to všichni myslí XD

  3. Chci tvoje boty!˘^˘
    Jinak moc povedené fotky :33