Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Liebster Award

Aoy nominated me for the liebster award. ;3

What is a Liebster award

The Liebster Award is basically an award that is given to blogs with less then 200 followers to help promote the bloggers nominated.

The Rules

1. Nominees must link back the person who nominated them.

2. Once nominated you must write 11 random facts about yourself.

3. You must also answer the 11 questions from the person that has nominated you.

4. Last but not least, come up with 11 questions to ask the 11 people you have nominated for the Liebster Award.

11 random facts about me

1. i live in a big house in a small village but i want to live in a small flat in a big city
2. I love to change crazy colours of my hair~
3. I don't like small dogs
4. Walls in my room are almost impossible to see
5. I love to travel by a plane 
6. I was at 13 concerts (or more oO I can't count it XD) 
7. I love skinny people
8. my mobile phone is smarter than me XD
9. our jgv blog was visited by 10 000 people in one month - it's more than this blog during the whole existence XD
10. I hate czech republic - i want to live in Japan, in europe it would be Finland, UK, Germany or France
11. I love 40+ y.o. actors who look incredibly sexy XD

questions from Aoy
 1. What style of clothing is your favourite ? visual kei
2. Do you wear lipstic? If you do, what color? i don't, it doesn't suits me XD
3. Do you like short or long hair better? it depends on who, (girls - short, boys - long XD)
4. how tall are you? Do you like it or not? 158cm, no, i want to be taller T.T
5. what's the song you can listen to over and over again? Hitotsu dake~
6. which is better: twitter or facebook? facebook, twitter is too boring
7. what's the color of your eyes? hmmm green, grey...
8. where do you want to go for the rest of your life? (country or city...) Japan, Tokyo 
9. What song are you listening to at the moment? none, but while ago it was something from Acid Black Cherry
10. tea or coffee? tea
11. Was my questions really stupid? XDDDD  Noooo XD 

My questions:
1. What will be your future in 5 years?
2. Do you like superheros? if do, which ones?
3. What kind of mobile phone do you have?
4. How large is your harddisk?
5. Do you like to do experiments with make up?
6. Can your parents use computer? XD (mine can't)
7. How many languages do you speak? And which ones?
8. Do you have any wig? Or do you want one?
9. Do you like pets? Which are your most favourite?
10. How would you describe your style in one word?
11. Is your room tidy right now? XDD

My nominees: (you don't have to do i, just in case you are bored XD)
Amai ehh Amai where is your blog? T__T


  1. 10. In Finland ? I started to smile and maybe it's just because I live in there, idk .. XD

    11. So I wasn't only one .. ? FUCK YEAH.

    .. ok so what I really wanted to say was .. cute facts + answers ~

    1. thank you :3
      well, Finland is really one one thebest countries in europe in my opinion. (everythink better than czech republic XD) and there also live many cool and stylish people *-* ;D

  2. diky za nominaci^^, jop to, zmenila jsem si adresu ^^'' soul-stain.blogspot.com
    wow ty jsi tak mala, to je tak roztomile *A*

    1. není zač ^^ áha, už jsem se lekla ;_; :D
      ano, jsem hrozně maličká, někdy mě to dost štve -.-" ale většinu času nosím platformy tak jsem trochu vyšší :D