Saturday, February 16, 2013

Shopping update nr.8 - Star Wars stuff


sorry I haven't show up for a long time. I was very busy with school but now I have one-week holidays I can't wait to rest.

Anyway, I have been shopping recently a lot, heh. So, this time I'll show you my Star Wars stuff *-*

I bought almost everything in shop called Kik. I was so happy to find all those cool things for such a good price! But unfortunately I came quite late, other stuff was sold out T__T
But my friend Takeshi gave me a late b'day present - notepad and little stickers ♥ XD thx!

sitckers on wall~

many things were for little children x__X like this "bag" or umbrella (goosh, I wanted that umbrella!!) or another bag, underwear for boys. . . They think that adult girls don't like Star Wars. .?

Two pens, one with Vader and one with Yoda *-* and little notepads

 and the last one, tshirt fromTakko, little boys section . . . well, I had to buy it! it fits me very well even though it's for little boys XD

btw, Angry birds Star Wars is cool game, did you play it?


  1. Seems like really late b-day present to me, guess your b-day is @ november? :D And damn, you are way more obsessed with star wars than I thought O_o I remember them xpensive stickers along with my cold pizza ^^ :p

    1. dude I was wondering who you are XD (not every anonymous knows when my birthday is XD) yeah, it's in november 16th
      ... but cold pizza would be good now, i'm starving -__-"

    2. well, still wondering hun? :)

  2. star wars forever :D hmmpf I don't have the wall stickers and I want them!! :D <3

    1. yeah XD I quess everything is sold out already :D (I bought last pens when I went there for the third time XD not for me, for my friend :D) but still you have pencil case and lunch box, I don't T__T :D