Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lets go nach München!


I'm quite active on blog, right? I wonder how long this will last XD
This week is quite relaxing, we do almost nothing at school, worse will be next week, eww

We made awesome video in school, really creepy and terrifying! There are zombies, Samara from The Ring, Jigsaw, Hannibal etc, the "acting" was really funny. I did enjoy it!
I will show you the video after the prom, I mustn't now.

but at least I can show you our trailers~

the first, horror by A.Hitchcock, The Birds

and another horror by A.Hitchcock

But. . . this is not what I wanted to tell you. . . 
Finally! I'm going with my friends at the concert! of the Micro Head 4n's, there are Zero and Tsukasa from Despairsray *-* yaaay, can't wait!
anyone here who is going as well? to München. . . ? ^^

they are really good!

and we will have awesome tickets *-*


  1. Ty ... ty jdeš na .... TRHNI SI !!!! Jakto že to nevím ?? Hm hm ? :D :D Já chi taky T__________T

    1. nenapadlo mě, že by ti to zajímalo XD
      taky tě mám ráda XD

  2. I have nominated for the Liebster Award! :)

  3. Oi oi, nemohu si to odpustit, ale to první video :'DD boží nápad! XD
    Jinak mám štěstí, že tuto skupinu zrovna neposlouchám XD ,,,jinač bych zase hejtovala vše kolem mě :D

    1. máš choreograf má šílené nápady XDD děkuju
      já je taky neposlouchám ale zaujali mě a navíc už nutně se potřebuju odreagovat na koncertě -.- :D