Sunday, January 13, 2013


I got tagged in Yuku's New Year resolution challenge... well, at least my blog lives a bit. . . *almost dead because of school*  ・゚゚・(≧д≦)・゚゚・。

13 accomplish my personal resolutions 2013
 pass my final exams
 pass in entarance exams on university
 watch more serials, movies, doramas
 read more books
 eat healthier food, drink more water, less chocolate
 go to London movie premieres (Iron Man, Thor 2, The Hobbit II)
 go to lots of concerts
 get a boyfriend/girlfriend (lol XD)
 earn money to buy clothes, ipad, tattoo...
 star to play WoW and LOTRo

12 times picture x song[mv] of the month
well, i'll add just one song which is now stucked in my head

11 k-pop idol bands to "get to know"
get to know means: pay more attention to them / 「maybe get into them / learn their names / ...
 well, I don't like kpop, just SHINee a bit, DBSK and B.A.P

10 minutes of relaxation every day
 I can't relax, school makes me busy during the whole week and also at the weekends (#`ε´#)

09 manga to buy
well, to download in my case, I have lots of manga home, and no space for it XD
 Code Geass
 lots of yaoi mangas ≧(´▽`)≦ 

08 h sleep every night
 I would LOVE to! I sleep only 5-6 hours, I can't more. . .(ノ◇≦。) at least there are weekends - 10 hours! (●´ω`●)ゞ

07 dorama / shows to (re)watch
 I don't remember the titles ( ̄□ ̄;)  my friend will tell me ~

06 cm for my hair to grow
 I need at least 10cm I want long hair again  (`∀´) 

05 pictures need to be drawn
 I have mood for drawing for a long time! but i'm too busy with school -.-"

04 fanfictions need to be written / finished
 I don't write ffs, fortunately XD

03 exams I have to pass
 maturita exam in may
 entarance exam on university
 all test during this school year -___-"

02 times [at least] : visiting friends who live far away
 my best pal ever! Kiraaaaa ♥
 Takeshi, yaaay, 3 weeks~
 Ayame in Prague
 Nea and Saii in Bratislava~ ♥
 another friends in Prague, BA

01ce a week : a new blog post
 I'll try my best!!!

Now I need to tag 13 people. I don't like to tag people. . . whoever wants to do it. . . can do it ^^


  1. Actually you can choose your 13 aims yourself...
    Sorry, I didn't state this clearly... I'll add it now. Sorry v___v

    1. ahh, really? XD maybe i didn't get it, my bad as well ^^" it doesn't matter ;3

  2. You are coming to Ostrava in 3 weeks? *_*

    1. yup! XD celebrate with Takeshi, we will make a little meet up as last time ;3

  3. Už se těším až se zase uvidíme, neviděly jsme se věky!!!!
    A fandím nám, tu maturu musíme dát! :D

    1. to teda! až bude trochu klid tak dáme sraz v Brně ;D

    2. a hlavně až odmaturujem, tak uděláme párty :D