Friday, January 18, 2013

Prom of 4.A


Some of may know we will have a prom this year.I don't see it as a big deal but almost everybody of my class thinks so. Everything must be perfect! We argue about everything.

Well, at least we agreed to have posters and invitation cards made by me. I'm quite proud of my photoshop skills and my class at the end appreciated it.

I'm gonna show you~

invitation cards, front page

back page

theme of our prom is "Horror", I'll show you photos as soon as they will be made C:

We will have a raffle, to earn some money. . . my classmate suggest the first price could be a parrot from his dad. Well, it's original idea but I don't think everybody could have a parrot at home. . . ;__;

but he is so cool! he can even talk! :3


  1. Boží práce pal! Je to hustý *_*
    Víš co, kdyby nebyli dementi, tak to uděláš už ze začátku a bude klídek :D

    1. ale bohužel naše třída je plná dementů XDDD a díkec :3