Thursday, August 30, 2012

Advík 2012

26. - 29.7.
in Prague was festival of japanese culture, mainly anime and manga but also music, games, fantasy and scifi
well year by year is more and more horrible. i don't watch anime or read manga anymore (well sometimes)... i'm just going there because it's kind of a habit and one of the chances where to see my friends who lives far away. well, lots of my friends stopped going there, i don't wonder... it's more and more boring there.. but when you find some nice people it's immediately fun there ^^
we were want to see some lessons about jrock bands and one yaoi lesson, it was funny XD

yuppp, stop talking, lets go to see photos~
waiting in front of Advík, there was a stupid row of people -___- but we managed to get inside on time!

I looked awful first day, dunno why, maybe weird hairstyle oO

me and Ayame, second day i guess
we were reading about hiatus of Versailles

beautiful princess Miru and Daisuke ♥
(btw, Miru is baby ;D we forced him to wear corset, he said he couldn't breathe XD)
incredibly beautiful Maki ♥

cool cosplay of Avengers *-* Tony was handsome!!! ♥
and there was also Batman! XD

Sandplay version of Vocaloids *-* Slovak cosplayers are always best ♥

another vocaloid cosplay, the whole group *-*

Daisuke and boys XD

Munamu, me and Maki ♥

Miru (not princess this time :'D) and Maki~

me and Ayame
photo made for Hiroki B'day project

Golden Bomber cosplayers spam *-*
you are awesome girls!! ♥

they didn't have Jun (just poster) but Hikari (on the left) is obsessed with GB and Jun, 
she has hair like him so she can cosplay too XD

naughty Kenji XD

GB with Munamu~

and now pictures heavy!
day when Kvicka, Kitsu and Hisaki camme! finally!! XD


Kvicka and Hisaki

Ayame and Hisaki

me with Hisaki

Fire and Hisaki

with Daisuke

with Kitsune
(well, Hisaki was in taking photo mood, she wanted to take a photo with everyone XD)

Hisaki is the craziest person I ever met XDD

me and Hisaki again~ she wanted to take my clothes off, pervy girl XD
Stella is like "i'm watching you!!" XD

Hope you liked it ^♦


  1. Úžasné fotky! Ráda bych tam taky jednou jela, ale nejsou prostředky no :D
    Moc anime ani mangu nesleduji, ale chtěla bych vidět jak to tam chodí, poznat nové lidi odevšad :)
    A pak jsou tam samozřejmě ti, co mají rádi j-rock :)
    Všem to tam nehorázně sluší :) Máš pěkné vlasy :)

    1. Ona jen samotná ta atmosféra je úžasná, všude zajímavý a stylový lidi, určitě stojí za to tam jet, i když už to není co to bývalo no :D
      a děkuju :)

  2. Všichni vypadáte parádně!
    A nekecej, na té fotce vypadáš dobře tak pšššt :D

  3. now THANK you, really .... :D
    o m g