Tuesday, August 14, 2012

From The Beginning 1963

School is almost here, i don't want to go there >,< even though I'm SO bored! 

Tomorrow i'm going to friend's house, we have Lord of The Rings marathon, yay! We will also have a barbecue x3 i'm going there by bike! I didn't ride bike for at least three years. I hope I won't die during the journey XD
on friday i'm doing driving licence exams,  again T.T i'm so useless, i will never do it, stupid driving lessons. so wish me luck!

well, i'm really bored so I started to downloading Doctor Who classic series from 1963, such a poor quallity o,Ö but I can't wait for new season anymore ;__; on imdb.com is written five episodes of new season will be at the end of this month *____* I hope it's true ♥
Don't listen to me, i'm just too obsessed with Doctor Who~

next article will be shopping update i guess ;3


  1. Užij si maraton a nezhebni na kole dude :DDD
    Shopping update? YES :D Těším se :D

    1. když si vzpomenu co všechno sem si za poslední dva měsíce koupila XDD