Saturday, August 11, 2012

Two trips to Budapest

well, it's quite a long time since I was in Budapest... it was on 17th May at LM.C concert and then I decided thanks to Arisu to go there again on 5th June to see ScReW.

both concerts were awesome *-* just a small things I didn't like... like stupid fangirls who pushed me all the time or something... but you must expect that.

LM.C photos (pictures heavy!)
waiting in front of Club 202

me on the right with blond hair/pink

you can't go to LM.C without lollipop~ XD

girls went to some shopping centre to buy someting and look what they found!

not good quality but better than nothing ;_;

We didn't have a hotel so we had to spend night on train station
well it was closed untill 3:45 XD
there wasn't any non-stop café of something so we spent night somewhere outside and it was really cold ><
on the station we found one room with heating and there we "slept" untill 7:30 when our train was leaving

I bought just a tshirt and I cought Maya's bottle ^^ (I deserve it because he spilled many bottles of water on me XD


in front of club with Hikari ^^


I was in front of Kazuki, i was so happy~

le sexy Kazuki *,*

one hour spent in KFC, we were sooo tired ><
and long night waited for us, like during LM.C
weather was still cold but this night was better than the last one I guess :D

quess what! I caught Kazuki's pick! x33 ♥


  1. I were at Screw's live here in Finland and got Kazuki's pick too! I were on first row and that **** man jumped from stage and I fell down on floor XD

    1. oh, you are lucky too! yay XD in first row? so must have VIP ticket, it was too expensive for me T.T